Ernest and I worked together for over two years for a global telecommunications company, where Ernest quickly became a well-respected leader and mentor within the group.  He offered advice or assistance when needed and was always willing to go the extra mile to help the team resolve issues and close out important projects.  I found Ernest to be a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of the law, ethics and compliance, and I hope to have the opportunity work with him again in the future.


I’ve known Ernest for many years and I can attest to his hard work and ethics. I’ve seen him deliver workshops on legal matters and they were thoroughly researched and professionally presented for a mixed audience. I have sought his legal advice on numerous occasions and it was always handled with the utmost confidentiality and my best interest. I would trust him with all legal matters.

-Armel K.

I have had the pleasure of working with Ernest for almost three years. We worked very closely together as part of the same team and he is an excellent example of professionalism and integrity with a down-to-earth approach. Ernest always finds creative solutions or alternatives to problems presented to him and often suggests more efficient ways of obtaining a desired outcome.