At Lark Legal we protect your company’s interests to help you mitigate risks, avoid violations, fines, reputation damage and loss of revenue.  We will represent and guide you to…

  • Understand and comply with your contractual obligations
  • Conduct your business within the parameters of the law
  • Be compliant with local, state, federal and international laws and regulations
  • Avoid disruption of your business and loss of revenue
  • Work with government regulators to collaborate on a successful resolutions to remediate deficiencies
  • Review and negotiate contracts to safeguard your company’s interests and mitigate risk

Corporate Legal

For over ten years we have helped businesses of all sizes.  Our team has international experience in multiple industries.  These include healthcare, finance, security, oil and gas and others.  We have international experience covering regions in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Russia.  Our Houston business and corporate experience includes…

  • Successfully helping a billion-dollar company out of government supervision
  • Helping companies meet their contract requirements
  • Prevent companies from potential litigation, which can lead to loss of revenue
  • Interpreting Department of Justice guidelines for companies
  • Interpret and implement Anti-Bribery and Corruption policies and procedures for companies
  • Help companies meet requirements of prosecution agreements
  • Conducting audits for companies’ third parties to ensure compliance with laws, policies and procedures

Our Approach

Here is our five step approach to help you succeed.

  1. Review your situation
  2. Identify the problem/issue
  3. Draft a solution-oriented plan
  4. Ensure alignment with the client
  5. Implement and monitor the resolution of the issue

At Lark Legal we will protect your interests!

Mitigate Risk

Not hiring a Business Law Attorney can lead to problems.  You run the risk of breach of contract, interrupting operations, and losing money.  Your Business Law Attorney will guide you to a successful outcome.


We will show how to conduct business within the parameters of the law and avoid damage to your reputation.  Your corporate legal team will help you comply with your contractual obligations, laws and regulations.  


Avoid making your situation worse.  Reduce your risk of loss.  Increase your potential for revenue.